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Allu Arjun is without doubt the style icon of the Southern film industry. From his glamorous public appearances to those mesmerising moves in the movies, he carries the needed oomph factor for what needs to be a stylish celebrity. Everything he does, carries some element of style and glamour hand in hand. But, what makes him so? Here we tell you :
Firstly, he is always updated with the trends
In an interview with a Malayalam channel, he had mentioned that right from childhood he has been following some great lifestyle magazines and is always updated with the trends that are going on.

He’s got the swag!!

He definitely carries the swag that’s needed for a being a stylish celebrity. Be it his walking style of folding the sleeve where needed, Allu Arjun knows very well where to and how to do it.

He carries off anything very well

From a hat, waist coat, blazer to a skin tight trouser, Bunny carries everything with elan. And he does it so well that we often try to copy him while we do the same.

He takes care of the minutest of his appearances

From his hairstyle, beard to the matching shoes and watch, he dons everything perfectly.

Complementing accessories

Without getting them too heavy, Bunny knows where and on which attires accessories are required and what will suit him the best.

Always presents himself with different hairstyles

It’s not just with the dressing that he appears stylish, his hair-do also complements his dressing alot. Having a very mediocre hair, Bunny makes the best use of it shapes it well.

Maintains a decent attitude in Public

He doesn’t go overboard in public (that cheppanu brother moment doesn’t fit in here). He knows how to mind himself and present himself in public.

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