Shahrukh Khan Imitates Allu Arjun (!)

Indian cinema taking inspiration from Hollywood is very common. Most of the times, the stories, the characterisations and the appearance of the heroes is done. But this time, it appears that our Tollywood man seems to have become an inspiration for a big gun in Bollywood.

We are talking about the duo of Allu Arjun and Shahrukh Khan respectively. Apparently, this is the reaction many got after watching the film ‘Don 2’. During the introduction scenes and first twenty minutes, SRK is seen sporting a pony tail and stubble with a moustache.

The comments heard in the theatres are “Looks like Shahrukh has taken inspiration from Bunny in ‘Badrinath’. The hairstyle, that ponytail reminds of Bunny’s style.” As long as SRK imitates only ‘Badrinath’ style from Bunny it is okay. Let us hope the fate of ‘Don 2’ doesn’t become like ‘Badrinath’.